James McGahn


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Summary: A quick way to translate and validate 214 .x12 files.
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Contact Form Landing Page
Tech:reactnext.jstailwind cssaxiosemail.js
Summary: A Next.js & Tailwind CSS Contact Form Landing Page. A quick and easy solution using email.js's API to fire off emails.
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Headless Next.js Shopify
Summary: A headless Shopify store front using the Shopify GraphQL API. Two workflows for Users & Guests. Supports Saved History, Wishlist, Order History and more!
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Personal Website
Summary: This site looks familiar because you are on it. A personal portfolio website built in Next.Js with a custom light CMS. Full CRUD App supports image upload, has public APIs and More!
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React Weather Channel
Summary: Who needs Weather Channel when you have React Weather Channel. A Weather Channel inspired classic weather app.
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Custom WordPress Theme
Summary: 40% of the Web is Wordpress Apps, but at least this one will have a nice Custom Responsive WordPress Theme to set it apart from the rest.