James McGahn



James McGahn

I am developer located in New Jersey.
I am interested in solving problems through code and building responsive apps to ensure excellent user experiences.


Core Skills:
  • HTML5, CSS3, Liquid, Javascript, React, Next.js, MongoDB, GraphQL
  • Material UI, TailWind CSS, Bootstrap, Photoshop, Illustrator
  • Node / Express, Shopify, Zendesk
I Also Have Some Experience:
  • PHP, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Premiere


project image
Contact Form Landing Page
Tech: reactnext.jstailwind cssaxiosemail.js
Summary: A Next.js & Tailwind CSS Contact Form Landing Page. A quick and easy solution using email.js's API to fire off emails.
project image
Headless Next.js Shopify
Tech: shopifyreactnext.jsmongodbapolloaxiosnext-authemail.jshtmljss
Summary: A headless Shopify store front using the Shopify GraphQL API. Two workflows for Users & Guests. Supports Saved History, Wishlist, Order History and more!
project image
Personal Website
Tech: reactnext.jsmongodbbootstrapaxiosnext-authcloudinaryemail.jshtmlcss
Summary: This site looks familiar because you are on it. A personal portfolio website built in Next.Js with a custom light CMS. Full CRUD App supports image upload, has public APIs and More!